A Louisville volleyball coach turned author recently wrote and published a book to guide teenage girls who feel inadequate and depressed they aren’t living up to the standards they see on social media. The book is called “Living in Real Time” and encourages young women to put down their phones and social media apps and do just that: Live in real time.

Courtney Robison-Dixon has a close connection with teen athletes as a former volleyball player and coach, saying “I’ve seen the drastic effects that social media has had on young girls just in the last 10 years. Their self-confidence and how they see themselves as young women is not coming from within, it has now come from a social media timeline. I truly felt there was something I had to do to let them know your worth and your beauty does not come from a timeline.”

It touches on other issues teens face like handling friendships, love, relationships, bullying, goal setting, nutrition and exercise. “It has quick chapters to keep them engaged,  It’s a 176-page book; however, it is written in bite-size pieces where you wouldn’t have to read it in order.”

It was published in May and some schools have even expressed interest in making it a part of their curriculum!

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