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Hot Chocolate Bombs Are A Tik Tok Trend We Can Get Behind Because…DELICIOUS

There’s finally a trend on Tik Tok that isn’t cringey or dangerous:  Hot cocoa bombs.

Almost 30 million videos on the app have been tagged with #hotchocolatebombs while over 12.8 million have been tagged with #hotcocoabombs…so LOTS of people are trying them!

It’s basically a hollow chocolate ball filled with marshmallows and hot cocoa mix that you drop in hot water and BOOM…hot chocolate. In internet videos, users drop hot chocolate bombs into cups of hot milk and watch as the candy spheres melt, releasing the cocoa mix and marshmallows. Thus, a very ordinary cup of milk is turned into a very quick cup of hot cocoa.  Basically, it’s a bath bomb you can eat.


Recipes vary slightly but aren’t complicated. Start by melting chocolate in the microwave, and then spread the melted chocolate into a baking mold. Once the molds are filled, refrigerate until the chocolate is solid. Then, fill the bottom half of your chocolate molds with hot cocoa powder and top off with marshmallows.

Then you have to melt the the edges of the top half of your molds and attach them to the bottom half molds. Refrigerate again to seal your hot cocoa bombs. This FEELS LIKE A LOT OF WORK. So if you want just the payoff, they have been spotted pre-made at Costco, Amazon and on Etsy.



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