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High School Basketball Team Group Text Adds Wrong Number That Connects To The Buccaneers

A Michigan high school basketball team’s wrong-number mistake in a group text led to the team getting an unexpected video chat session with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Vinny Tartaglia, a player for the Notre Dame Preparatory School basketball team, was in charge of adding numbers to the team’s group text, and made a mistake while putting in one of the numbers. The group soon received a message from the owner of the wrong number, who wrote: “Ya’ll meant to add me to this? You know who I am?” 

The number belonged to Sean Murphy-Bunting, a Michigan native and cornerback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers!  Even though he sent a selfie, the kids STILL didn’t believe him, so he initiated a FaceTime call from the Bucs locker room!   “Leonard Fournette walked us through the locker room and showed us all the players,” teammate Nate Seaman said. Even Tom Brady took a moment to chat with the boys, who were “losing their minds” with excitement.

“They didn’t have to do that for us,” Seaman said. “They could have easily said, ‘I’m going to leave the group chat,’ and just left, but Murphy-Bunting and Fournette made our day.”


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