The Walking Dead mid season 9 now has a trailer and the new enemy is about as creepy and dangerous as the walkers themselves.

The Walking Dead has seen the worst ratings it’s had since the show launched on Halloween of 2010. Initially, the show was met with critical acclaim and millions of people just like myself who were imaging what the world would look like if it all came to an end at the hands of zombies, gleefully watched it every week.

Then, the Season 7 premiere aired and showed a brutality that had never been seen on television before. That level of brutality was just enough for droves of fans to cancel the weekly DVR schedule and move on to something a little less of a downer. Like “This is Us”.

AMC is hoping season 9 will be the one to bring the show back to prominence. I’m not confident and this may be my last season with the show. I’m not sure what it’s lacking at this point if anything at all. I guess I’m just over the whole ‘zombie’ thing.

Looks like the new nemesis is disguising themselves as walkers in the hopes of blending in for camouflage purposes and to not be detected by the uninfected. That’s a pretty clever tactic.

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