Friends Go Viral Working At A Hotel When They Found No Employees

A  trio of friends took it upon themselves to manage a Nashville hotel for a few hours when there were no employees to be found when they arrived to check in.  One of the friends, Kenzie, said: “So, instantly we’re like manager mode. We run businesses back home. Manager mode kicks in, alright, let’s see what we can do”. Well, they did a lot in two hours from answering phone calls, checking in guests, and even helped serve breakfast.  And of course when faced with this situation, you document it on Tik Tok!

@ahow15 You gotta do what you gotta do. #hotel #laquinta #newjob #singlemom #workinghard #rideordie ♬ original sound – ahow15


@ahow15 Replying to @Kayla Renee been a long damn day but heres story time part 1. Sorry, our came out and were famished. #hotel #newjob #singlemom #workinghard #rideordie #singlemom ♬ original sound – ahow15

@ahow15 Replying to @Leah Elise part 2!! Thanks for all of the support for us helping out. We genuinely just wanted to jump in where we could. #hotel #newjob #singlemom #workinghard #rideordie @Wildkenz @— ♬ original sound – ahow15

But there are no hard feelings against the hotel chain.

@ahow15 Replying to @Becky BONUS VIDEO- Part 5, WE WANT TO MAKE IT CLEAR, @la quinta did not cause any of this. This was the result of one person not being at the desk. We waited for over an hour and then took over with the permission of appropriate channels. The GM from holiday inn WAS AMAZING AND HE DESERVES A RAISE. I havent had aj issue with La Quinta in the past and bave stayed with them many times. and we are not trying to sway anyones opinion of them. #hotel #newjob #singlemom #workinghard #rideordie ♬ original sound – ahow15

And apparently…this isn’t their first rodeo helping out a business. They had to do it at a Waffle House!

@ahow15 Replying to @WildOne Oh you already know this aint our first rodeo. We’ve had to run waffle houses and bars too 😂😂#hotel #newjob #singlemom #workinghard #rideordie ♬ original sound – ahow15

The Ben Davis and Kelly K Show broke it down in a Setting the Bar story. You can listen here:



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