Will The Wiggles Really Collab With Lil Nas X?

Parents with Instagrams are outraged after The Wiggles tease a collaboration with Lil Nas X in this pic:


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Now, there’s no way to know if the tease was just a joke to go along with running into Lil Nas X, but still, the reactions are somewhat mixed.

One comment reads, “Such a shame, my daughter loved the Wiggles. I don’t see how someone who lap dances the devil in their music videos is a good candidate for working in the children’s music industry.”

Another says, “Lots of people commenting obviously don’t understand art & have horribly closed minds. I hope this post stays up forever & there IS a collab.”

This isn’t the first time Lil Nas X has noted wanting to work with the children’s musical group. Back in 2020, the two shared this Twitter convo:

One big question we don’t have answers to right now is “WILL HE GET HIS OWN COLOR?” You know. Red, yellow, blue, and purple are taken.

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