A father from the UK may be in the running for the “coolest dad in the world” award after transforming his home into an enormous ball pit. Joel Conder, 34, is known for surprising daughters Kaci, Grace, Sophie and Chloe — aged 14, 12, 8 and 2, respectively — with quirky stunts and practical jokes around the house, whether or not his wife Sarah, 33, is involved.

It helps that he has a background in cinematography for their Dad V Girls channel, which now has nearly 930,000 subscribers on YouTube. When the pandemic hit, he had to get really creative in keeping the kids entertained.

“My wife and my kids didn’t know,” Joel explained. “I was working on the idea with my friend and I was like, ‘It can’t just be like a few balls round your ankles; you’ve got to jump in and get lost in it.’ ” So, in ways he did not disclose to the public, the stuntman managed to obtain a rainbow of 250,000 plastic balls designed for a playground ball pit.




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