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If you were sitting on your couch getting stood up by Netflix last night waiting to watch the LIVE “Love Is Blind” reunion, maybe you were wondering what it’s like to actually be on the show.

It was supposed to be Netflix’s second LIVE show since Chris Rock’s standup special earlier this year, but according to host Vanessa Lachey, all the streamers “broke the internet” trying to watch the live reunion. So looks like technical difficulties threw a wrench in the livestream so they just recorded it and made it available.


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According to Good Morning America, it wound up becoming available to stream (not live) hours later than the original set time and some people even had trouble finding it still.

Maybe you’re hoping for a better end to the next season… After all, they are casting. But what if YOU were on it? We took a peek at the application for the show and these are some of the deeper questions they ask you before you’re cast:

  • “Are you open to dating someone who is divorced and/or has children?”
  • “What religion are you? Do you have any religious deal breakers?”
  • “What does your perfect match look like physically? What physical traits are you NOT attracted to?”
  • “What does marriage mean to you”
  • “What is something you would be hesitant to share in the pods?”
  • “Do you have any conflicts from October 1 – November 20, 2023?”

The last one pretty much tells you when they’re filming. 😉 Maybe you’ll be on a smoother live reunion at the end. LOL!

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