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The Oldest Woman To Parachute Jump Is 103!!!

Rut Larsson of Sweden now holds the record for oldest woman to do a parachute jump when she did it May 29th at the age of 103 years and 259 days old, according to Guinness World Records. It was a tandem jump and her 5 kids, 19 grandchildren and 30 great-grandchildren waited for her on the ground.

During her jump, Larsson listened to the song “Try Your Wings” by a Swedish composer to get her jazzed for the jump. Her interest in parachuting and skydiving started just before she turned 90. She went paragliding for the first time on her 90th birthday and soon followed up with other skyward adventures.

Larsson parachuted for the first time in 2020 at the age of 102, Guinness said. That’s when she decided to go for the record. They had a little ceremony right after the jump where she got her Guinness plaque…she had a glass of champagne and said “It all went as planned today. We may have a little cake when I get home.”

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