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That Fly From The VP Debate Is Still Living Its Best Life…With A Wig

Guys…it’s kind of mind-blowing how quickly stuff like this happens but here we are. Wednesday’s VP debate had a breakout star, and it was a fly that landed on Vice President Mike Pence’s white hair for a few minutes. Now there is already a Halloween wig for sale. Yep…in less than 24-hours, the fly has inspired viral Tweets, memes and the Halloween costume.   Online retailer 3Wishes announced the release the silver-gray hair piece dubbed the “Debate Fly Wig” for $49.95 yesterday (Thursday) morning.


That’s not all…there is a plea to have Jeff Goldblum (who starred in a campy movie way back in the day called “The Fly”) to play him in an SNL sketch.


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