A woman in Idaho took to Tik Tok to find a generous young man to thank him for his generosity!

Kelly Miller said she was outside her house one day when a kid asked if she wanted to buy tickets he was selling for his team that were for restaurants.  “I told him I don’t have any money until I get my check on the 3rd. If he could come back then I would buy two of of them,” “He walks over and gives me the ticket and 80-dollars in cash and told me to go get groceries or anything that you need. I’ve been struggling so hard lately and this young man was a star in the sky!” She was so blown away by what he did that she put the story out on Tik Tok to try to find him and thank him properly. And it blew up as you might imagine…even the head football coach for the team wanted to know which of his players did that. The coach brought it up at practice and nobody admitted to it! 

So Kelly was invited to a game that Friday night…and that’s when 14-year-old freshman Jamison Yannarella spotted her in the stands and went to greet her.  He explained why he kept quiet when coach asked saying, “It wasn’t about me, and what we do, it’s mainly about the deed. I went up in the stands and sat with her, hugged her, and we took a picture. It was really nice that she came out to the game. There are always people that have it harder than you do, and you need to remember that and help people out when you can, that’s what my dad always taught me.”



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