OK what are you hoping DOESN’T show up on your plate for Thanksgiving?

This was according to a Harris Poll that surveyed over 2,000 Americans on which holiday food they hated the most.

The winner?

Coming in at first with 29% of the vote was cranberry sauce, a typical Thanksgiving side dish.

Yea, nearly half of the people surveyed also added that canned cranberry sauce was, “disgusting”… a bit harsh we think.

Coming in at second in the poll was green bean casserole at 24%.

And people must be crazy to put sweet potato casserole in 3rd place with 22% of the vote!

To further prove that all 2,000 people surveyed have no idea what good taste is, 21% said they didn’t like pumpkin pie. Pumpkin pie?!

The same percentage adds that they hate pie, but still will stomach it.  Unreal.

Even 19% also said they could do without Turkey, the centerpiece of traditional Thanksgiving meals.

So do you agree? What’s your most hated food at Thanksgiving?

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