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Drive-Thru Fairs Are Becoming A Thing

 Drive-in movies are having a comeback, and some artists have tried drive-in concerts. We’ve seen drive-thru farmers markets and even drive-true beer festivals. (You drink when you get home.) But none of these are ideal for getting a deep-fried Twinkie, so meet America’s new car-accentuated obsession: drive-thru fairs.

From New York to California and everywhere in between, car-accessible fair food events are already ramping up to be the hit of the coronavirus-impacted summer.  Drive-thru fairs have happened or are happening in MissouriFlorida, and Ohio just to name a few. And Memorial Day is still nearly two weeks away. As word of this trend begins to spread—and if the events prove to be as popular as they’ve apparently been—expect this to be the summer of drive-thru fairs.

Let’s hope one pop up around here!


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