Dax Shepard hasn’t been shy about his struggles with drug and alcohol abuse for several years, and it even got him banned from The Conan O’Brien Show for awhile. And he’s been on Conan’s show repeatedly through the years!

He told the story as to why on Blake Griffin’s  The Pursuit of Healthiness podcast. He said it was a big “rock bottom” moment that put him on the path to sobriety. In 2004, Shepard appeared on Late Night with Conan O’Brien to promote his film Without a Paddle, but ended up on stage hammered.

“I had done the pre-interview in a blackout, and I woke up to the hotel security shaking me awake. And I had to be on Conan in literally 20 minutes from getting shook awake… I show up on the show, I don’t know what he’s talking about. I can tell he’s cueing me up for stories I’ve told, but I don’t know any of the stories. So, I’m just doing what I can to be funny out there and I am a mess. Now, the audience dug it. It was fine for the audience. But for [O’Brien], what a disaster. I didn’t know any of the stories, I broke a coffee table. So I was banned from that show for some years, until I got sober and I got myself back on it and now I’ve been on it a bazillion times.”

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