Avocado toast is EVERYWHERE!!! You can thank your local millennial for that! So what better way to celebrate it than to put it on our other favorite thing in the world? SHOES!

And no, avocado toast is not being physically rubbed on shoes. Saucony is now selling a sneaker inspired by the food looks-wise! I know they look tasty, but they don’t taste it!

The men’s Shadow 6000 Avocado Toast is made of brown leather and what the company calls green “smashed avocado textured suede” and features red-pepper flake speckle on the collar lining and a “Saucamole” shout-out on the heel.

Heads up though: your wallet may take a beating because the sneakers cost $130!!! Oh and only 1,200 pairs were made so better act fast! Luckily they dropped a hint that another food-related sneaker is coming in August so don’t get your panties all bundled up if you miss out on these. LOL!

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