We can credit Ariana Grande for many things in this world: five studio albums beloved by Arianators worldwide, the resurgence of the ponytail, doughnut licking, making Pete Davidson a person we talk about.

Now, we can add a dating trend to the list: “Grande-ing.” Inspired by the lyrics of “Thank U, Next,” Grande-ing is taking a breakup in stride, learning from your experiences with your ex and moving on, knowing you’ll be A-OK on your own.

It’s a new kind of breakup song ― and it’s clearly resonating with millennials. In a survey conducted by the dating app Plenty of Fish in December 2018, 50% of singles say they made a point to follow Grande’s lead and let go of any negativity toward their exes.


Grande-ing fits in nicely with another cultural trend in relationship psychology: conscious uncoupling, which Gwyneth Paltrow made part of our permanent lexicon when she split from Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

The idea behind conscious uncoupling ― which was coined by marriage and family therapist Katherine Woodward Thomas ― is that a marriage or long-term relationship doesn’t have to end in ill will.


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