Going to Disney World is a dream for any kid. For for 14-year-old Isaiah Tuckett, it seemed out of reach because his family of 7 just couldn’t afford it.

Instead of just accepting it wouldn’t happen, Isaiah came up with a plan to bake and sell cupcakes to see if he could raise the money.

He priced a dozen $20, and said it was a hit because “people were looking for stuff and there wasn’t a bakery anymore” after Madison’s only bakery closed down, making the closest one was 30 miles away.  He baked cupcakes for “birthday parties, confirmations, graduations, reunions, funerals, weddings,” and even made 750 cupcakes in one weekend for the high school prom.

He ended up making enough money to pay for airfare, hotel, and Disney World tickets for not only himself, his father and mother Cheri, but also for his sister, brother, sister-in-law and nephew.

His parents were able to help with the effort by getting their son a new oven and all of his baking supplies.

With all this success, his next goal is to make enough to pay for a pick-up truck.




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