We’re gonna slap a big #FeelGood sticker on this one!  Mr.Beast aka Jimmy Donaldson is only 24-years-old and has the most subscribers as an individual on the platform with 130 million subscribers. He spends most of the money he makes from his videos paying it forward in new videos. The latest way he’s using his money is to cover a sight restoring surgery to 1000 people dealing with blindness.  These patients all had blurry vision where they couldn’t make out objects called Phacoemulsification (cataracts). It affects some 200 million people in the world…and the surgery to fix it only takes 10 minutes!

He also gave a few people $10,000, one person $50,000 for college and gave another person who had always wanted to drive… a Tesla. Oh and he donated $100,000 to further fund optical surgeries across the world.

Read more about the backstory for many of the patients and their emotional stories HERE

He also teamed up with Letric ebikes to rebuild an orphanage!

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