Netflix announced a subscription price hike today and many of it’s subscribers are pointing to a single reason for the price hike.

The last time Netflix raised their rates was in October of 2017. That move did little to stunt subscriber growth. It was also around that time that Netflix began giving it’s subscribers a long list of original programs that have all fared very well.

Today’s price hike looks like this. The basic plan will now cost $9 per month, the HD standard plan will now cost $13 per month, and the 4K premium plan will now be $16 per month.

The price hike is going to help Netflix pay for more original shows. But some users are blaming the enormous $100 million dollar price tag Netflix recently shelled out in order to keep “Friends” on the platform for one more year.

Still, $13 per month is pretty reasonable when you consider the amount of content you have at your fingertips.

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