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You Will Cry When You See The Book This Dog Stole

No jail time for this stray dog who wandered into a book store and shoplifted a book. Instead, he’s getting all the love and pets he deserves!

This story takes us to the Feevale University book shop in Novo Hamburgo, Brazil. One sunny afternoon a sneaky, stray dog wandered through the doors, did some perusing and then decided to shoplift a book on his way out the door.

Check the vid and get your tissue because you’re gonna cry when I tell you the title of the book.

When a student saw the dog with the book, he took it away and returned it to the book store.

The name of the book: “The Days of Abandonment“. A subject stray animals know all too well.

However this story has a happy ending. After the video was posted online and caught the attention of a local animal rescue, the stray dog was given a bath, all of his vaccinations and placed in a foster home.

No more abandonment, little buddy.

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