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Wrong Number Call Led To 20 Year Unlikely Friendship…And They Finally Met In Person

You’ve heard about how a wrong text led to a friendship between strangers, Wanda and Jamal, who have now spent 6 Thanksgivings together….Netflix is now doing a movie on that story. But there’s another wrong number phone call story that has resulted in a 20 YEAR friendship!

Gladys Hankerson of Delray Beach, Florida, accidentally called Mike Moffitt in Rhode Island 20 years ago…and she kept calling. She was trying to reach her sister but kept flipping the numbers in the area code. Mike said he was always taught to answer the phone because you “never know who it is.”  After a few calls over several days and quick hangups, he finally asked her where she was from and what she was trying to do, and they started chatting.  She was going through a divorce and had recently lost her son, so maybe it was divine intervention they connected.  She said Mike always lifted her spirits.  She said, “After that, I had his phone number and I put it down on paper and I always called him.”


Though they had become phone buddies for all these years, it wasn’t until Mike and his family visited Florida this Thanksgiving when they finally met in person. Mike surprised her and she was overjoyed to see him! “I walk in and I said, ‘I’m Mike from Rhode Island,’ and she just threw her hands up and said, ‘I’m blessed,’”

Gladys said, “Oh it was such a great day, that was the happiest Thanksgiving there was, that made my day!” “I wish there were more people like that…the world would be better, too.”

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