21-year-old Annabel Stevens saw Ring video of an elderly gentleman struggling up her stairs to deliver her DoorDash order, and her heart broke for him. She said, “If he was my grandpa, I wouldn’t want him to work like that.” She tipped him $30 on her $21 order…but wanted to do more.


@anabellegracestephens I can’t begin to describe the amount of support from across the world! This is beyond words and beyond what I could ever imagine! This is life changing for Kerry and that is ALL from you guys!!! #kerry #idaho #gofundme ♬ Happy – Here At Last

Turns out his name is Kerry Judd, and he works TWO jobs….DoorDash and as a security guard. So she set up a GoFundMe and it was slow to start. But once the video started getting viewed and shared, it’s gotten past $74,000!  And the two recently went to dinner together!!


@anabellegracestephens Kerry and I are going big this week! Met at dinner tonight and it was such a fun time! #kerry #idaho #ktvb ♬ Home – Edith Whiskers

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