Will Smith caught up with DJ Jazzy Jeff after Jeff recovered from what he suspects was the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Will has a new Snapchat series called “Will From Home” where Jazzy Jeff opened up about recently falling ill with coronavirus-like symptoms and being diagnosed with pneumonia in both lungs.

Jazzy Jeff explained, “I came home from my trip. I was like, ‘I feel like I’m coming down with something’ and got into bed, and I don’t remember the next 10 days. I had a temperature that reached 103. I had the chills. I lost sense of smell. I lost sense of taste.”

As if things weren’t difficult enough, Jazzy Jeff said he couldn’t get tested for coronavirus despite showing symptoms of the highly contagious respiratory illness.

“They gave me a flu test,” he remembered. “And when I went and got the chest X-ray, she came in and said, ‘You have pneumonia in both your lungs.’ ”

Will went on to share how “scary” it was hearing about the sickness from Jazzy Jeff’s wife Lynette because she “doesn’t panic, and she called me with the panic vibes.”

On Monday, Jazzy Jeff encouraged followers on his social media to practice social distancing amid the coronavirus crisis, writing, “Be grateful that you are here… Be grateful for what you have.. You have more than a lot of people!!! Now take yo ass in the house! #KeepYoAssInTheHouse.”

He also shared an image that read: “I’m bored as sh*t…. But I’m alive…”



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