Will Smith Makes An Oscars Joke

Will Smith has gone viral again; this time, he’s making light of his situation.

It’s been a year since Will delivered “the slap” at the Oscars, and he’s slowly returning to the social media spotlight. Will posted a video of himself watching a video from TikTok user @missmoneyworking asking followers to ask an inanimate object around them what they think about them.


@willsmith #duet with @missmoneyworking ♬ original sound – Will Smith

She said, “the answer would come to you from your intuition.”

In the video, you can see Will responding to her video and looking around for an object. He picks up his Oscar and then the video ends. Celebs and the like loved the video.

Have you gotten to the point where you forgive Will Smith? Do you think Will’s career will recover from “the slap?”

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