This story went viral a week ago for all the right reasons. Because Will Novak is living his best YOLO life!!!


It started with an email invite to Angelo’s bachelor party, only it went to the wrong Will Novak. Unlike most people who would simply point out the mistake, William was all, “F——- count me in!” Then his story played out like it was ripped from the pages of a “Hangover”-like movie script. He got the blessing from his wife, launched a GoFundMe to pay for it and had the BEST TIME EVER.

It was funded in 2 hours. Once word of his epic journey got out there, magic started happening with VIP treatment and freebies everywhere.  They even popped up in the New York Times Fashion section!!!  Wha???

He appeared on GMA to tell the tale with Angelo and the REAL Will Novak.  Cool part is that the extra money from the GoFundMe that he didn’t need for the expenses he’s giving to Angelo and his new wife (who are expecting their first baby!!) to start their life!!  This story is so cool that Seth Meyers even gave him three minutes on his show.

This is all straight up DESTINY because will fit in PERFECTLY with this group who went skiing in “crazy awesome 80’s” gear…

Seriously tho….this needs to be his new thing. Hope his Passport is updated!


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