Why You’re Seeing Black-and-White Photos of Women Online

Women supporting women.

#ChallengeAccepted is a fun social media campaign/movement where women are posting black-and-white selfies to encourage female empowerment and solidarity.

#ChallengeAccepted, #WomenLiftingWomen, and #WomenSupportingWomen are just a few of the hashtags supporting the cause.


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#challengeaccepted Thank you @ekbdallenbach for nominating me ?? #womenliftingwomen

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The premise is that these photos promote female empowerment, and that nominating friends to take part in the campaign is a way for women to support each other.

An Instagram spokesperson told the New York Times, “The trend is still picking up with usage of the hashtag on Instagram doubling in the last day alone. Based on the posts, we’re seeing that most of the participants are posting with notes relating to strength and support for their communities.

Many local and national celebrities have joined in the movement.


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#ChallengeAccepted ?? Women are posting black-and-white photos of themselves – spreading a message of female empowerment, and solidarity. It’s a challenge that’s going viral on the internet. I remember 3.5 years ago I shared this photo online, and it also went viral. But, for a very different reason. Other females blasted me for wearing a “tight” dress (I WAS SUPER PREGNANT, EVERYTHING WAS TIGHT) on tv, and tennis shoes. National news outlets got ahold of the picture, and comments, and ran stories about working-professional pregnant women and the struggles they face every day. Despite the crushing comments, I never felt more empowered than I did here. Carrying a child, raising a family, balancing a demanding career and special moments with my two daughters, supportive and loving husband, and our soon to be baby boy. To every woman out there who’s felt less than – keep kicking a**, and showing the world what you’re made of! Will you accept this viral challenge? If so, post your black-and-white pictures below! @wave3news @todayshow

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So far, more than 4 million photos have been uploaded with the #ChallengeAccepted hashtag and many more have appeared without it. So, have you accepted the challenge? #ChallengeAccepted

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