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Why This Kid’s Christmas List Went Viral

An over-the-top letter to Santa has gone viral after a father in Los Angeles shared it on social media.

The list includes 26 presents, including:

  1. iPhone 11,
  2. a “new” MacBook air,
  3. a Chanel purse,
  4. Gucci slides,
  5. a pet rabbit,
  6. Air Pods,
  7. a GoPro and
  8. $4,000 

Sure why not?

The list also includes some hilarious spelling errors, such as a request for “asenchal oil” (essential oil) and “julery” (jewelry), plus other bizarre appeals, including glue and food coloring. (With those ingredients in mind, some followers determined she has plans to make slime.)

Some were as shocked as her dad, and claimed that she needed “to be taught the true meaning of Christmas.” However, many people actually praised the young girl’s over-the-top and lavish taste.

She shot her shot, no?

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