Do you care?

Of course, our favorite holiday foods are loaded with calories and sugar, but these choices are least harmful for your diet.

  • Pumpkin Pie OR Apple Pie? Pumpkin pie will have roughly 100 fewer calories per slice than apple pie.
  • Cheese and Crackers OR Chips and Dip? Cheese and crackers contain a decent amount of calcium and protein.
  • Mashed Potatoes OR Sweet Potato Casserole? Sweet potatoes have a wider range of nutrients, including the antioxidant beta carotene.
  • House Rolls OR Cornbread? Cornmeal contains vision-protecting lutein and zeaxanthin.
  • Sugar Cookies OR Snickerdoodles? A hard sugar cookie typically contains more sugars than snickerdoodles.
  • Champagne OR Cocktails? Cocktails may contain mixers that add extra sugar and calories

So there you go. Just a couple options to lessen the “guilt” this holiday!

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