What Doja Cat Was Thinking When Creating “Paint The Town Red”

Even Doja Cat has shopping on the brain. Don’t we all? But she was thinking of it in a more strategic way.


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In an interview with HipHopDX in late 2023, she admitted she didn’t initially like the song “Paint the Town Red,” but she knew it would be a hit.

The original article explains,

I thought ‘Paint The Town Red’ reminded me of like, Target or like Macy’s. It reminded me of like, GAP,” she admitted with a laugh. “I don’t why. It just kind of is that. And I know it starts with a curse word and it’s like a little bit edgy in that sense and I say, ‘I’m a demon, Lord!’ Like yeah, I get that, but that song just had a very pants-up-high vibe. And you know I think strategically because I can be strategic.

“I think it was a good addition to the album and a strong addition to the album. I know that it’s a strong song. And I did [expect it to be as popular as it is] and I was kind of running that from a little bit. I didn’t really want to have that pants-up-high song, the goofy, kind of palatable…

Now let’s see if it picks up any big-name partners. Target is pretty red…

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