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Wet Nose Wednesday – Tess the Boxer

Calling all Boxer lovers! Meet Tess, an 8-year-old Boxer with a zest for life and a bounce in her step! Tess loves walks, car rides, arranging her bed just so, getting butt scratches and watching her human prepare Tess’ dinner. She’s a typical boxer who snores gently when she sleeps (no need for a white noise machine!).

Tess is an easy house guest, she loves spending the day snoozing on a dog bed. Tess loves walks more than anything! And while she loves her foster mom and likes meeting new people, she really loves her foster dad. She seems to be a “daddy’s girl.” In her foster home Tess was relaxed when left alone and was not destructive. She occasionally peed in the home when not supervised, so when she was left alone, her foster family kept her in the kitchen. Because of her dental issues, Tess has been eating canned food mixed with softened dry food. She can’t enjoy chew toys, but she does like plush toys. Tess lived for many years with another dog, but her previous owner reported that she sometimes growled at the other dog over food. If you have another dog at home, we recommend you bring your dog to your adoption appointment so you can make sure that Tess and your dog want to be pals.

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