This week’s Wet Nose Wednesday adoptable pet is a 14 year old kitty named Morris!

You read that right. Morris is 14 and ready for the easy life. He’s not looking for an action packed afternoon of dogs other cats and hours of catnip and chasing the yarn. Nope, Morris just wants to relax. He’s all about the Netflix and chill. He’s 14 and deserves a good, quiet home. Remember, you can adopt Morris for just $9.97 and you’ll get a free family photo with Morris from Studio 351!

Sadly, Hensley and Herschel are still looking for a forever home. They come as a bonded pair since they’ve been together since they were puppies. They tried to separate them and they were both visibly sad about it. So, go get this dynamic pair today!

Also, Brittany is still available for adoption. She has a lot of energy and she comes up to about your knee. If you’re looking for a dog that loves to play, loves to show affection and loves treats, you NEED Brittany in your life!

As with all Wet Nose Wednesday pets, it’s best to call the Kentucky Humane Society at (502) 272-1070 and make sure they’re still available for adoption before you head out there!