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Wet Nose Wednesday: Ryker

Introducing you to our Wet Nose Wednesday star, Ryker!

Looking for a cool dude to join your pack? Ryker is the one for you! This five-year-old dog is still spry and eager to join someone life’s adventures. Ryker came to the Kentucky Humane Society when a rural shelter ran out of space for him. 45-pound Ryker appears to have some Labrador Retriever characteristics, but his singing reminds us of a Husky! We do know that he’s 100% dog, though. (Phew!) No one has brought any children to visit Ryker, so we don’t know how he acts around them. We have discovered that Ryker isn’t always a fan of other dogs and their playful energy. He would need to meet any dogs before adoption to make sure they’re a good match. We think Ryker would appreciate an older, lower energy companion that isn’t going to demand a lot of play. If you’re thinking of adding a new friend to your life, come visit Ryker and see if he’s the one for you! He is neutered, microchipped, and up-to-date on his shots.

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