Give a big hello to our Wet Nose Wednesday star and favorite boy, Pooh Bear!

Pooh Bear is a two-year-old Bulldog mix who weighs 96 pounds and has the biggest head and smile we’ve ever seen. This beautiful guy came to the Kentucky Humane Society in rough shape and was very depressed upon his debut. Poor Pooh was covered in fly bites, very underweight, positive for heartworms, and very scared. He broke all of our hearts!

A staff member saw how sad he was and decided to turn Pooh’s frown upside down. They brought Pooh into their office, cleaned all of the dirt from his fur, gave him fresh toys and bedding, and then let him relax away from the loud shelter atmosphere. Soon enough, Pooh was smiling ear to ear and greeting everyone with a big tail wag of appreciation!

Since Pooh Bear was positive for heartworms and in need of TLC before he could undergo treatment, we sent him into a foster home so he could decompress and gain some much-needed weight! In his foster home, Pooh Bear really came out of his shell. He got along fabulously with all the dogs in the house and with other dogs he met while in foster. He even did just fine with the foster’s cat! It took about 3 days for Pooh Bear to learn the home’s bathroom routine but once he did, he aced house training!

Pooh Bear is a true gentle giant!

He mostly wants to lay with his people, play with other dogs, and receive all the attention he can get. OH and he loves toys too! Any kind of toy turn Pooh into a slobber factory of pure excitement. Pooh’s foster mom says, “Pooh is a sensitive guy who you can tell just wants to make you happy, and he’s happy to be included in whatever you are doing. He has this big meaty head and soulful eyes. You really can’t look at him and not smile!

Pooh was able to jump our 4-foot fence and went under it at one point as well. I would recommend leash walks or a very secure/tall fence. Overall, he is just a big softie and I think with guidance and some consistency in his life he will really flourish!” Pooh Bear is the cutest, sweetest, happiest boy on the planet and we can’t wait to find him a wonderful family who will adore him as much as we do. Because Pooh is positive for heartworms, he will need to be on restricted exercise while undergoing treatment. KHS will take care of Pooh Bear’s heartworm treatments completely until he tests negative.

The KHS staff is happy to answer any questions you may have about them! If you’re looking for a big puppy to love forever, please visit our darling Pooh! Pooh Bear is neutered, micro-chipped and up-to-date on all vaccinations. Come fall in love with him at the Kentucky Humane Society’s Main Campus, 241 Steedly Drive, or learn more at

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