When this skater boy doesn’t land a trick, he places the blame on an inanimate object that had nothing to do with his ability to land the trick. Then he regretted it.

Karma. It’s one of the most beautiful things the universe has blessed us with. Karma strikes when you’re not expecting it. And the best thing about karma is that it has zero remorse. Karma is cold and calculated. Karma is at all times lying in wait for the perfect opportunity to lay waste on anyone who has dared trifle with it.

Take this skater fella for example. He fails to land what I’m assuming is a simple trick. He then gets angry at the skate board and tries to break it. Unsuccessful in his attempt to break his board, he then attempts to ride off on it. In that moment, karma reared it’s ugly, vengeful and spiteful face to exact revenge on Mr. Skater Boy.

Prepare to laugh.

Upset Skater Boy . from r/Unexpected

Broken that board may be. But that kid’s ego just took a beating much worse than he gave the skate board.

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