One woman’s dog simply has no patience for her having to get out of the car in order to do things and she makes her displeasure well known.

Sit, down, roll over, shake. These are all very fine tricks to teach your dog. They also teach your dog discipline and who’s boss around the house. But, what happens when your dog picks up a trick you didn’t teach it? What happens when your dog learns how the car’s horn works?

Just ask this young lady from West Palm Beach, Florida. Warning…NSFW language.

“So I was headed to the liquor store and I always bring my dog with me everywhere. I really wanted some wine so I cracked all 4 windows down so she could get fresh air. I’m inside looking for wine and in the distance I hear honking, not knowing it was my animal making a ruckus! She learned how to honk the horn and has been doing it non stop ever since. Later that night, I went to the laundry mat to pick up my clothes and apparently I was taking too long and there she goes again, honking away! Everyone in the laundry mat was cracking up!”

I remember I honked the horn once when my mom was taking too long to do something.


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