A couple moms team up weekly to attack the injustices for moms in the world with a segment called IMomSoHard and it’s hilarious! This week, they destroy swimsuits.

In no way can I relate to this video. But I get the feeling you can. I dress exactly like they do at the beginning of the video. Speaking from a guy’s point of view I can admit that yes…guys do have it easy. Our clothing is comfortable and we are much easier to shop for. Sizes are generally universal and we’re not nearly as sensitive about how we look in something. They’ve even made it easier for guys by making “dad bod” the next big thing.

That’s right…beer gut and flabby biceps are now considered sexy on guys. Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley of the IMomSoHard video series are attacking the injustices.

I think halfway through the video they were both a little buzzed. But, that’s what makes it even funnier.

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