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Lizzo is a big Nickelback fan.

The band recently posted a three-year-old video of Lizzo dancing to Nickelback on Instagram as part of a 2020 CBC Music feature called “Jam or Not a Jam,” in which Lizzo rates and rejects some well-known songs by other artists.


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 She gives her opinion on Nickelback’s hit song “How You Remind Me,” which came out on their 2001 album “Silver Side Up.” Lizzo admits that Nickelback is sometimes a joke in the music world, saying that the band gets “way too much s***.”  She then confirms that “How You Remind Me” is a “jam” by singing along with the chorus and praising the single’s “beautiful climax.”

We’ve been fans of Nickelback for years and never understood the hate! What song would people be surprised is on your playlist?

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