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We’ve all seen the terrifying news footage of the Sysco semi dangling off the Clark Memorial Bridge, and the brave rescue of the driver. Now we can see what the driver saw when it happened!

From WAVE3, the 33-year-old man charged for his alleged role in that crash was back in court Wednesday. During the hearing, dashcam video from the semi-truck showed the moments that led up to the crash.

Trevor Branham was driving the pickup truck that is shown on the video crashing into a stalled vehicle, and then swerving into oncoming traffic, leading to the semi hanging over the edge of the bridge.

Witnesses said they saw Branham’s pickup truck speeding on the bridge, weaving through traffic, right before this moment. Branham was charged with four counts of wanton endangerment and operating on a suspended license. Two people in another vehicle were also hurt.

Police said Branham’s license was suspended at the time of the crash and he had a pending driving while suspended charge out of Indiana due to a speeding ticket he didn’t pay from April 2021.

The judge did find probable cause on Wednesday, and the case will now go to a grand jury.





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