So somebody decided they needed to study the most dangerous drivers in movies, and they came up with Vin Diesel as the top of the list.

However, he was not in either movie that had the most cars destroyed on screen, which is Transformers 3 and The Matrix Reloaded.  Car Scrap Comparison looked at the number of crashed cars in movies, and The Fast and Furious franchise helped Vin reach the grand total of 61 cars destroyed, with 57 of those when he was behind the wheel. Fast and Furious 5 is the movie that pushed Diesel over the edge to narrowly beat Bruce Willis, who is at number 2.

The Die Hard franchise helped Bruce Willis rack up the high numbers, which also includes a snowmobile wreck and a helicopter. Amazingly, Tom Cruise only has 19 wrecks on the big screen, though taking down an F-14 Tomcat in Top Gun should count as at least two wrecks. LOL.

At number 7 is Daniel Craig, who destroyed 24 vehicles thanks to the James Bond franchise. Of those 24, Craig was only behind the wheel for 20 of those crashes. Matt Damon is at number 4 with 35 on-screen wrecks, thanks to the Bourne franchise.



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