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Ryan Seacrest will make his hosting debut on “Wheel of Fortune” this fall, with the return of Vanna White . . . MAYBE. Vanna signed a two-year contract to stay on the show through the 2025 – 2026 season, but there are reports that she just doesn’t “JIBE” with Ryan. A source says, quote, “There is a part of her that wants to walk away sooner.  It is just so difficult to do this without Pat [Sajak].”

Another point of contention is the salary difference.  White was locked in a contract dispute with the suits over her salary moving forward when Sajak first announced he was bowing out.  She was reportedly getting paid $3 million per year without a raise in 15 years. By comparison, Sajak was taking home a whopping $15 million, according to TMZ.   They did agree to a “substantial increase” when she signed on for another two years.




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