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Usher is doing lots of press ahead of his concert in the middle of a football game, and revealed a little fun fact that he was almost in a crazy supergroup!   “Jay-Z, Pharrell, Diddy and me were supposed to be a group,” he said. “Yeah, that’s crazy. I didn’t say ‘No.’ I didn’t say ‘Yeah.’ I think that we just got caught up. I think we all got caught up in the moment. We was talking about it and having secret meetings about it. We were talking about music and how we gon’ flip it and the business of it. And somehow, man, we just got distracted and it never happened.”

He told that story on Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay podcast. That would have been UHMAZING, but they all ended up ok on their own!  He also talked to CBS Sunday Morning about the Halftime show and what’s next!

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