Two New Furry Aussies Coming to Louisville

Two new Australians are making their way to Louisville! Say “G’day y’all” to Dharuk and Telowie! The two male koalas will be coming from the San Diego Zoo in California. Dharuk and Telowie join the Louisville Zoo family indefinitely as part of an agreement with the Australian government. They will arrive later this June.

Dharuk, a 2-year-old, is named after an extinct Aboriginal language of the blue mountains, pronounced “da’ rook.” Meanwhile, 4-year-old Telowie (“tell ou-ee”), is named for the saltbush plant in Australia and means “old man saltbush by the waterhole.” The two will take up residence at the foot of Glacier Run alongside fellow Australian species. Their abode is a renovated habitat near Lorikeet Landing that previously housed snowy owls and later, the Zoo’s red panda.

Zoo guests will likely see the two new residents sleeping most days. Koalas almost exclusively eat eucalyptus leaves. This plant provides low-quality nutrition that takes time for koalas to process for energy. The eucalyptus that Dharuk and Telowie consume will be from one of just two eucalyptus farms in the U.S., both dedicated to supplying zoos.

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