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Twitter Noticed Keanu Reeves Takes Pics With People In A Specific Way

Keanu Reeves almost never refuses to take photos with fans, but recently someone noticed something specific about how he does it.

He’s got “hover hands”. It looks like an embrace, but he’s not actually touching them. It’s likely a way of showing that he’s committed to the photo-op but is still maintaining a safe distance so as not to be intruding on someone’s personal space.

He does it with fans and even some celebrities.  When Twitter pointed it out, many called him “smart” for doing them and “respectful.”

One person said, “I don’t think embracing someone asking to take a picture with you is disrespectful, in theory,” the first person replied. “But choosing to still respect their personal space is smart because it is thoughtful.”

BTW…Keanu just showed up at E3, a popular video game conference in Los Angeles, to reveal his role in the upcoming dystopian game, “Cyberpunk 2077.” The game NAILS his likeness!!!



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