So by now you’ve probably seen the video of Texas lawyer Rod Ponton struggling to figure out how to turn OFF the sad kitten filter during a Zoom court hearing…hilarious and iconic. And obviously when something like that happens, the Internet is going to pounce and celebrate it. So now here’s how YOU can turn on the sad kitten filter for your next Zoom meeting/class/court date!  LOL!

It’s done through Snap Camera, a filter from Snap Inc., the company behind social media app Snapchat. It’s a free desktop app for both Mac and PC as well as Twitch streams and Youtube videos that has a variety of lenses for your computer’s webcam, the Daily Mail reported.

You can use the “Snap Camera” webpage to download the filter, which will cause a circular camera lens symbol containing white lines to appear. Then you can become anything from a dog face to the aforementioned virtual kitten costume, and other whacky Zoom filters.

To turn it off, shut down any apps utilizing using your computer’s camera and then reopen Zoom, or any other webcam app of choice.

The Snap Camera should be running when you long into your Zoom call. To see it if it’s on, selecting “Settings” and then “Video,” and then, where it says “Camera,” select “Snap Camera” from the drop-down menu.


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