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Architecture students from Tulane University designed and built a tiny house for a man who hasn’t had his own home in nearly 20 years. 

The 440 square foot home was for Benjamin Henry, who used to live under Interstate 10 in New Orleans. He ended up on the streets due to “bad decisions and the wrong people…drugs and alcohol.” But he said “if you hang in there and hang in there and you keep hope, things are possible for you.”

Twelve students each submitted a design and professional architects chose one that they then worked for 10 months to build.  TThe winning design had a porch as part of the living space because student designer, Noah Leon, said visiting with neighbors on the porch was important in New Orleans. Mr. Henry’s home was the final assignment for the university’s Urban Rebuild project. But the whole time they were building the home, they had no idea who would end up living in it until the very end. The students were all there to welcome him home when Mr. Henry got to see it for the first time!

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