We were not prepared for the emotional rollercoaster that this story takes us on!


Nemo-Bucky the Butterfly came into Dahlia’s life and she noticed one of his wings didn’t develop properly, making it impossible for him to fly. So she made some nectar by watering down some honey and started taking care of him. She could take him to the office…and then came up with an idea to repair his wing using a feather. It fit perfectly, but it took some getting used to. Just like Spider-Man learning to used his new Spidey powers and swing on his webs, Nemo-Bucky had to work up the strength to fly. And one day, out in the garden…he paused as if to say “thank you” and flew off!

Dahlia worried not knowing if he made it…until he showed back up one day living his best butterfly life!!


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