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Buzzfeed asked people to comment about the cringy moments they witnessed in real life. There were many…

sydney obstar

“I witnessed a grown man take his iPhone and lick it (yes, lick the entire phone screen) to “clean it”. He then wiped the phone on his pant leg and proceeded to hand the phone to his wife for her to use.”


“I used to work at Target as a teenager. Someone actually came in and tried to return a used pregnancy test because the results weren’t what she wanted. The craziest part of this all is after we declined, she called the corporate office and corporate demanded we returned it.”


“At a waterpark, while in the public bathroom washing my hands, I witnessed a woman use a dollar bill to floss between her teeth.”



“I was riding a transit train in downtown Portland early in the morning, when I saw a woman sitting on a bench. She was peeing, while sitting, the pee just flowing down through the bench. She pulled her pants up too, while sitting, as nonchalant as you please.”



“Once I was at a local music festival and watched two 15-year-olds have a very loud fight and break up…and then have to sit together for another half hour while waiting for one of their parents to pick them up!”



“I was driving to dinner one day and the guy driving next to me was sucking his thumb. A grown-ass man (looked about 40-ish), with a mustache and beard was sucking his thumb while driving. When we stopped at a red light, he took out his thumb (it looked like it was 12 inches long, wet and glistening with saliva) took a swig of Red Bull, and popped his thumb back into his mouth. It was repulsive to see, yet I couldn’t look away. I didn’t have much of an appetite for dinner after that.”



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