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On the new episode of his New Heights podcast with brother Jason, Travis Kelce talked about his girlfriend Taylor Swift attending last Sunday’s Kansas City Chiefs vs. the New England Patriots game at Gillette Stadium with her father, Scott Swift, and friends.

Careful, the podcast is unedited and contains some swears. We’ve cued it up to the Taylor conversation.

They went absolutely insane when they showed Taylor on the screen. … Might have been a few Brads and Chads that were booing, but for the most part, everybody was f—king screaming at Taylor,” Travis said. “I was trying to keep it cool, I was like, ‘Don’t show your cards.’”

He seems delighted to have one of the world’s biggest stars in his corner. “I’ll say this, they showed Taylor at the game and you don’t see an entire home team fanbase go insane for somebody wearing the opposite team’s colors,” he gushed. “Just shows you how amazing that girl is.”

We couldn’t agree more!

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