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Tom Cruise Wants To Shoot A Movie In Space

Tom Cruise and Elon Musk’s Space X are working on a project with NASA that would be the first narrative feature film – an action adventure – to be shot in outer space.

It’s not a “Mission: Impossible” film and no studio is in the mix at this stage.  The project is in the early stages of liftoff (hehe…get it?)

BTW Cruise is famous for doing his own stunts and he’s pulled off some crazy ones, not without injury.  “Mission: Impossible Fallout” took a break, literally when he broke his ankle in a leap from one rooftop to the other and he also hung from a helicopter.  And remember when he hung from the side of a jet plane during takeoff in “Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation”? Yeah he really did that.  And in “Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol” he scaled the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai skyscraper, and executed stunts 123 floors up.


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