Week 18 brings with it a little extra drama for various players across the league who are on the doorstep of hitting some big bonuses in their contracts.  Rob Gronkowski was one of them during their game against the Carolina Panthers Sunday

Gronk had the possibility of earning $1 million in incentive bonuses.  He needed seven catches and 85 receiving yards in order to hit his two incentives that were worth $500,000 apiece.  He caught a 42-yard pass from Tm Brady in the third quarter.  But he still needed one catch for that last incentive with less than seven minutes to go.  With the Buccaneers up by 14 at that point and the game in hand, that’s typically when they can rest their starters. But Tom Brady had his buddy’s back and told coaches he would not come out of the game AFTER Gronk cashed in on the half-million-dollar catch.

Gronk made that catch, Blaine Gabbert came in to relieve Brady and the Buccaneers cruised to the victory. Gronkowski finished with 137 yards receiving on seven catches that now has him $1 million richer.



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